My First Blog Post

My piece I am peddling to journals today. Inspired by a concert I attended “The Lightness of Dark” Tour

by Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniels.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

The Ascension

No one could understand her need to carve out the dark recesses of pain in her frenetic scribblings across blank pages. Years of images, words and more words ravaged, haunted, tormented her mind until every expression was conveyed. The process would then begin again. She understood lyrical, musical notes like her letters formulating words once the whole emotion was splattered across the page. What was once a blank canvas becoming an incarnation. Images like tiny druids would mock her mind and taunt her until she set them free. What once was sorrow shifted to feeling like home. A melancholic reverie of her soul.

This was always her ascension. As she turned the rusty knob of the ancient cathedral where ghosts lured in tombstones on the outskirts like withering holograms once human holding hands in poetic chants. She knew she was home. Poetically jointed piano keys and sorrowful strings beckoned her up the creaky stairs. Each footstep so silent as “The Lightness of Dark” lured her into abysmal places in a heart of grief, sorrow, unforgiving shouts of strings forced her rapidly to question her existence on this earth. Did she ascend the spiral steps of this cathedral to descend over the pulpit and die?

Or was this the message of death’s consuming hold within her life-the piano promised poise in the face of incomprehensible soulful streams of sounds of loss. No, she would not lure herself to her death! The evocation of lingering notes that lounged in crevices above her resonated blasts of hope-she would ascend in unison with keys and strings summoning only life-A trance of hallucinatory ascension guided by the bow!

copyright 2019 by Gloria R. Buckley

Published by roxan1031

Gloria R. Buckley has been published by Me First Magazine, Rue Scribe, The Star Dust Review, Defiant Scribe, Academy of Heart and Mind, Chaleur Magazine, Prometheus Dreaming, Red Hyacinth Journal, Sensations Magazine, Alcoholism Magazine, Chimera Magazine, Journal of English Language and Literature, Hermann Hesse Page Journal, Virginia Woolf Blog, Focus Magazine, Chimera Magazine and many other journals of poetry and prose. A self- published collection of seventy five poems is available on She is a practicing attorney for over thirty years. She holds a BA in English with honors and JD from Seton Hall. She has a Masters with Distinction in English Literature from Mercy College.

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